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Siegfried Sassoon>poet, soldier, anti war activist
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1. Each student will choose a poem from the Poetry Out Loud anthology (link above) to recite from memory. Then list his/her choice on the sheet I pass around during class. You must choose a poem at least 14 lines long (sonnet length, fyi). Choices must be made TODAY since we are in the Tech Center. No exceptions.
2. Print out a copy of the poem for study. You will give me this copy of the poem when you recite it.
3. Each student will recite the poem from memory for the class on his/her chosen date. ( I will post a sign up sheet in the classroom.)
4. I will be grading you on the elements noted on the Evaluation Sheet (link above): Physical Presence, Voice and Articulation, Appropriate Dramatization, Level of Difficulty, Evidence of Understanding, and Overall Performance. We will discuss and practice each of these in class.
5. On November 3, I will post sign up sheets for recitation time slots. They are first come, first serve. (A special note: if you are interested in participating in the December 7 St. Mark's Poetry Contest, then you should sign up for an earlier recitation rather than a later one. That will give you and I time to work together on the contest preparation.) If you do not recite your poem on your day for a reason other than illness, a SIGNIFICANT point penalty will ensue.